Rotterdam Citytrip: Manhattan on the Maas

A great place for urban photographers, under all angles!Locally referred to as ‘Manhattan on the Maas’, Rotterdam is a city in transition. Long known as a blue collar hard working port city, hosting the world’s largest port, it is rapidly evolving into the place to be in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is a city of modern architecture, modern shopping, modern food and the country’s best cityscapes. I guess there is a good reason that #instawalk010 is one of the most popular traveler hashtags of the Netherlands. Continue reading

Vakantiebeurs 2015 in 10 selfies

Vakantiebeurs_2015_10With 117,000 visitors the Dutch Travel Convention Vakantiebeurs 2015 exceeded the organizers expectations (reported by It certainly felt crowded on some of the public days. As a travel professional and blogger this convention is my traditional start of the travel year. The convention consists of two parts: a two day professional conference and five public visitor days. Over the last years the Vakantiebeurs has slowly converted from a boring travel brochure exchange into a destination by itself. Together with my 14-year old daughter we turned our visit into a worldwide travel adventure in four hours, taking the challenge to capture the event in ten selfies. We were assisted by a selfie contest, with nine selfie spots posted at the convention floors, using the #selfievakantiebeurs hashtag. It wasn’t even easy to find all spots, but ultimately we even found one extra under water! So here we go on a virtual tour of Vakantiebeurs 2015 in 10 selfies: Continue reading

Summer holiday fun in winter: #Vakantiebeurs

0265-VKB-Banner-250x250pxFor many people the first weeks of the year are the time to think about trips to make in the year ahead. This is also the time of the biggest annual holiday convention in the Netherlands. For me the ‘Vakantiebeurs’ has become synonymous with the beginning of a new travel season. In the past I always attended as a visitor, collecting brochures. Nowadays I also attend as a travel blogger, including the two professional travel conference days that precede the convention for the general public. So what will Vakantiebeurs 2015 have in store? Continue reading

A space tourist on Earth

SpaceBucketList_27Earlier today I published the space bucket list, containing all flown manned spaceflight vehicles on public display around the world. Reason for compiling this list was ongoing debate about specific spacecraft locations and people (including me) questioning the authenticity of certain spacecraft on display in museums. I visited a record number of spacecraft in museums in 2014. This blog post is an attempt to describe a specific (geeky?) travel theme and the diversity of destinations this covers, rather than a story about a destination. Join me on a virtual tour of Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and the United States, all visited in 2014. Continue reading

Flying a Junkers 52 over Amsterdam

Lufthansa_Junckers_Aug2006_004This could have been the title of a report of a German pilot in 1940. The thought crossed my mind several times, while watching Amsterdam city center from the lowest altitude I had ever seen it from a plane window. Of course I was thrilled when I received the invitation from Lufthansa to be on a VIP flight over Holland on board their oldest still flying aircraft, the 1936-built Junkers Ju-52. This plane has a very international history. Built in 1936 and operational in Germany, Norway, Ecuador and the US, until purchased by Lufthansa in 1984 and painstakingly restored. It is now used to showcase the old days of flying, to over 10,000 passengers a year. Continue reading

40 Years of Ferries

DFDS Seaways Prince of Scandinavia modelI blame this shipmodel on board the DFDS ‘Princess Seaways’. I saw it at the deck 6 lounge of this modern ferry a few weeks ago. It is a scale model of the “Prince of Scandinavia”, a 1975-built ferry that sailed for DFDS Seaways from 1981 to 2003. One of my oldest childhood holiday memories is of this ship, which was originally registered as MS ‘Tor Britannia’, sailing for Tor Line in 1979. I still have a postcard that I got on board that ship, as an eight year old kid.

Continue reading

DFDS Seaways – Slow travel over the North Sea

DFDS_Seaways_Feb2014_09It takes about an hour to fly from Amsterdam to Newcastle in Northern England. A quick and cost effective trip, especially on one of the lowcost carriers. So why would you even want to consider taking a ferry on this route? A question that DFDS Seaways helped a group of Dutch travelbloggers answer, when travelling to Newcastle upon Tyne for the #Traverse14 travel bloggers conference in February 2014. Continue reading

Back to the Future – River cruising in Europe

Feenstra Rijn Lijn 47River cruising is one of the fastest growing sectors in worldwide tourism, outgrowing even the expanding ocean cruise sector: “River cruise lines are having trouble keeping up with the demand,” says Julie Walsh, the director of marketing for Cruise Travel Outlet, a booking website. “We are booking most of our customers on river cruises for 2014 because space is sold out for 2013.” (Source: Marketwatch) Continue reading

Amsterdam Dakar Challenge 2008 blog – vertrek

We zijn weg! Om 8:30 uit Nijmegen vertrokken, om 10:00 uur in Amsterdam, ruim op tijd voor de korte briefing. Vervolgens om 11:00 de motor gestart en om 11:40 (!) echt ook van Blijburg weggereden. Veel Fisherman’s Friends nodig gehad om afscheid te nemen van ons beider kinderen, maar we zijn weg! Rond 13:00 uur aangekomen bij de ‘tweede start’ vanaf een nat en guur Hazeldonk. Bedankt familie en vrienden voor het warme afscheid! Continue reading