About me

About me

Thank you for reading my blog! My name is Remco Timmermans (1970). I write about three important topics of my life: Travel, space and social media, combining my hobbies and my work. I have my own social media consultancy company, specializing in event marketing, space and travel. I am a member of a research unit on sustainable tourism and hospitality and I organize Arctic and Northern Lights expeditions a few times per year. All of these jobs require a lot of travel, which I write about as travel blogger.

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Travel Blogger Profile

Like all travel bloggers I primarily write from a deeply rooted passion for discovering the world and its wonderful cultural diversity. I only write about places that I have personally visited and experienced. As a (rare!) 40+ male travel blogger my stories will probably mostly appeal to a 25+ and family travel audience. As much of my travel is business travel related, I make my content interesting for the business traveller too, especially those business travellers that like to combine their work travel with sightseeing and adventure.

In a nutshell: I am a 40+ male travel blogger who travels a lot for business and with my family  of tweens and teens. I have travelled to over 50 countries on all continents of the world, through air, over sea and a lot over land, but still enjoy discovering my own city and country too.

My writing style is probably that of an observer, enabling the reader to experience a virtual tour with me. I usually put a lot of effort into researching a destination before I write about it.

It is not about where to go, but why to go there!

I like to write about lesser known destinations, adventurous ways to travel, special museums, historical backgrounds and the heritage of a place. It is not about where to go, but about why to go there!


Collaboration opportunities

I love to work with destinations or tour operators looking for stories from the perspective of the seasoned 40+ individual traveller and the family traveller with tweens and teens.

Please feel free to contact me any time if you are interested in working together on a project.

Media Kit

Please contact me for collaboration opportunities.

6 thoughts on “About me

    • Leuk om te horen Tine! Er zijn zoveel plekken om te ontdekken op de wereld en zo te zien heb jij er ook al heel wat van gezien. Maar het Poolgebied is net een andere planeet. Mijn eerste stap op het landijs van Groenland voelde als een soort eerste stap op de Maan (daar moet ik toch ook nog eens heen…;-).

  1. Hello Remco! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #13! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging! (PS, great airplane map!)

  2. Hello,
    i realy enjoy your tour anventure. can you tell me days take from gambia to morroco.


    • Hi Akeem, The trip from Morocco to Gambia took about 8 days, crossing Western Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal. You could drive this distance in about 3 to 4 days if you are in a hurry.

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