Baikonur blog – A Soviet city

A week in one day

SoyuzBaikonur, 19 December 2011 – At the moment I write this I have spent 28 hours in Baikonur. That is 26 more than when I wrote my blog yesterday. But it feels like more, way more. A day with a full schedule and weird coincidences, which can turn an ordinary trip into a great adventure! It definitely turned these 26 hours into an experience that feels like a week. It started with the alarm clock at 7:30 this morning… Continue reading

Baikonur blog – getting to Baikonur

A late night arrival in Baikonur

BaikonurBaikonur, 18 December 2011 – I write this blog on my first evening in Baikonur. Actually, I crossed the border checkpoint from Kazakhstan less than two hours before writing this. So far I have experienced Baikonur city as dark, remote and extremely cold. When our local guide Elena Sadykova picked us up at the Tyuratam railway station, she herself said that at -25°C even the locals consider it very cold. Continue reading

Heart for Mumbai

Heart for MumbaiAfter the announcement that she would be visiting friends in Mumbai, India with her brother and parents, 7-year old Emma Timmermans from Nijmegen decided she wanted to help the ‘poor children’. At school she learned that poor people live in India and she didn’t want to pass the chance to help them out. There are 18 million people living in Mumbai, the old Bombay, many of which in some of the largest slums in the world. Continue reading